Arriving in Nanjing

I arrived yesterday in Nanjing, China yesterday after a loooong 12-hour flight. Everyone here is so friendly! Not many speak English, so that is a bit of a challenge, but I manage okay with a translator app on my phone. A few observations right off the bat: 1) Watermelon is served everywhere, which is awesome. 2) People here are crazy drivers and those on their scooters are borderline suicidal.

Today was the first day of lectures at the Chinese School for Advanced Veterinary Studies. I have about 60 veterinary technicians/veterinarians in my sessions for the week. I was surprised to see that when the lecture room fills up with attendees, they take the seats closest to the front first, and the empty seats are the ones in the back row. Go figure!

From chatting with a few of the techs here, it sounds like they have much in common with us in Canada. There seems to be a shortage of trained technicians available for practices and in many cases, veterinarians in clinics are performing the role of a tech in addition to their DVM roles.

We reviewed hematology and started urinalysis topics today and everyone managed to tough it out for the 7 hours of lecture. Back at it again tomorrow! It’s a bit of a struggle working with an interpreter, but I’m getting used to it. There are still lots of questions and feedback from the audience despite the language barrier so that is great to see.

I went for supper at this cute little restaurant down the street from our hotel. I leave it up to the ladies from CSAVS to order something for me. “Just not super spicy” is my only request! I’m being adventurous and tried beef stomach, and after a quick anatomy discussion at our table we determined it to be from the rumen. It wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great… but not bad. Very tough and chewy, but if you put enough sauce on anything it will taste good right? Chase it down with some flower wine and all is good. It seems my chopstick skills are subpar, but I am determined to keep at it and will continue to decline a fork! It’s not cheating to stab your food with the chopstick is it?

Tomorrow, I’m back at it again for more topics and am looking forward to some sightseeing ahead this Saturday!

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