Day Three Already!

Day three is complete and that leaves one more day of lecture. The students here are just like what I’m used to in Canada. They all have a photo on their phones of something weird and wonderful they've seen through a microscope that they have questions about. Love it!

We spent the afternoon session reviewing case studies and despite the language barrier we had some good discussions. I learned that most clinics don’t have in-house analyzers so quite a bit of manual blood work is done. Only the teaching hospitals and specialty clinics will have automated equipment and IDEXX is what they have.

Our group went out for dinner again tonight at a new place. This time a restaurant that specializes in Bejing-style cuisine. We had Peking Duck, along with a bunch of other dishes that were DELICIOUS! The food here is so great. Very different from restaurant to restaurant as many specialize in different styles from various regions of China. I think my chopstick skills are now sitting at a solid B-.

Tomorrow I finish up my last day of lecture with some parasitology and cytology and then onto some sightseeing before my trip back home! The days have been long, but I’m really enjoying the culture and people here.

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