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That's a Wrap! 

Just like that, 4 days (and about 30hrs of lecture) are done. It went by quite fast actually and I'm sad it's over with. I so appreciate all of the attendees who came. I don't know if I would attend a 4-day lecture delivered in another language! Kudos to them. One of the attendees, Angie, is a vet tech who travelled all the way from Malaysia to be here. Amazing!

I finished up the day with answering many questions and taking photos with the students earning their certificates.

Tonight's dinner was at a Thai restaurant and again, it did not disappoint. The food is all so delicious and there are so many great restaurants, all tucked away in this giant shopping mall down the road from the hotel!

Tomorrow is a sightseeing day. I'm hoping the rain won't be too bad but I'll make the best of it. Flying home Sunday!

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